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the increased pressure on the right side of the heart. Under these circum-

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irritation of both portions is of a most severe and inveterate character,

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saying that taking full account of its imperfections,

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ophthalmoscopic examination showed a slightly turbid vitreous and a

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not enough to inform the ship-builder of its peculiar fitness

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of cuticle, beginning about the sixth day in part where eruption first

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be found in medical literature. In Hennig's case three tu-

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with well oxygenated arterial blood, while the meta-

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corpuscles, and the products of their death and disintegration, as the coloring matter,

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daily until August 6, when it was again turned into the loco-free

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must have been the state of the wounded after the battle ?

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In these cases some authors maintain that the peritonitis is caused by

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Fracture of the cranium, compound comminuted, .... 229

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them a controling and in some cases even an apparently curative

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Medical Inspection of Schools. — Drs. Charles A. £. Cod-

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Harry Eugene Kelly, A.M., Lecturer on Medicine (Medical Jurisprudence).

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Medical Association, April 17, 1980, at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia.

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and in council, for he has proved himself both a good soldier

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sium, in five-grain doses three times a dny, with massage, was

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C. B. Farr has reported a case of this kind and collected seven other

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simulate it. Gla.sgow M. J., 1893, xl, 275-282.— What is

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return — to and from its closed end respectively.

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The meeting was called to order by the President at 2: 15 p. m.

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altitude, but there was undoubtedly something about

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menstrual periods, for which douches of boric acid and lysol

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Encampment here in 1895, had been out all the morning riding on

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e3'e, and a light compress wet with cold watt-r applied.

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