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canals, congenital or acquired ; of the latter there may be impacted
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that No. 2 in the August number was a case of Hepatitis, and for
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Yet I repeat, calomel, when properly used, is one of the
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kins University, and was called to order at ten o'clock
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In the literature one finds various statements as to the amount of urates
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found quite manageable, as much so as an ordinary catarrh ; but
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the disease. The B. typhosus was present in the urine on the thirty-
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and Zurich. Among the 108 physicians present at the meeting on Feb-
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When there is much discharge a moist rattle is often heard over
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{Archivfur Ophthalmologies xvii. 1, 1871 ; Schmtdt^s Jdkrhucher, No. 8, 1871.)
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ference, provided Dr. Robinson would assume the re-
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Council allow, and the recommendation of the President of the
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adherent to the line of incision. The right kidney was con-
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glands and vessels, already so frequently referred to, primary
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may be either very easy or very difficult. The simplest cases of all are those
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of the Medical Sciences," who remit the Annual Subscription, Five Dollars, in
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is peculiar. They penetrate into these and multiply in their
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of the host. It is on the patient, therefore, that most reliance must be
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scesses, interstitial and parenchymatous nephritis, pressure atrophy of the
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favors osmosis, and in this way the flow of urine is increased.
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thoroughly. The title of medical center belongs no longer to the great cities.
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recorded several instances of facial paralysis, and a number of hemiplegias
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sacrum. When the forceps are applied in the first position before
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during life or discovered after death ; and in those very few
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we certainly ought to write our own history, because the South-
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interesting account of a post-mortem examination in a case of
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later. There were many of these spots of dry gangrene. The re-
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guished with sufficient precision from the other vital and animal functions. The principle or
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the healing art at present from the perusal of a manual
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Diagnosis. — The most important rule to be laid down in
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tory digestive disturbance — a type of defect that affects greatly the
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dition of the excretory organs. In fact it is the con-
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thoroughly anaesthetizes inflamed surfaces; the anaesthesia may
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the anatomical distribution of the sciatic nerve. The character of the pain
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placenta, and if there were symptoms would reopen the
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Therap. inner. Krankh., Jena, 1804, i, 3-115. — Ofncral
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It is a heavy fluid, and presents the general appearance, taste
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first attempts to utilize the electric current as a sewage
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This fate, perhaps fortunately, is not ours ; but it is ours to look at
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lactation (stomatitis vesicularis matema). They are also seen in men
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or other, would not spring up in the tissues about the cannula,
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in his will that his body should be cremated on this same
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ference of opinion is probably to be found in the fact
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appreciated when compared with similar conditions occurring
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contained many gram-negative diplococci, intracellular and extra-
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made at the bottom of the sac and the wound sutured
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to be added to the basal ration to exactly balance this loss. Adding