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want to impress you with the conviction that, those

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would not have taken place without these injections, yet it is no less true

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rise to a short acute pain). It is present in all cases

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sausages, as well as in others that had caused poisoning, v/as present in

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is made extending from the mastoid eminence to the median line of the neck

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apparent improvement in health as evidenced by increase in weight is often

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Osswald'" examined twenty-one cases and found a total acidity, corre-

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adelpliia, was started on June 23d. The new structure,

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52 cases, 7 deaths ; measles, 82 cases, 3 deaths ; whooping

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Then a drop of this decidedly reddish mixture is placed on a cover-glass

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intelligent age, they might all go astray in dealing

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six is too high in a disease which is not immediate-

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an hour has been necessary to give an outline of the body of the foetus

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cases these adhesions are supplemented by a mesentery m

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would indicate that the secretory fibres are rather

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olive oil, 10 parts. This is a slight modification of Pick's original for-

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of events no more in the one case than in the other. That the cells

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Stiles, Charles Wardell, and Hasscll, Albert. — Index

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from the right kidney, died of peritonitis due to infection

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the objectionable activity of proteolytic organisms,

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the patient should be placed in an efficient disin-

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cannot be denied that at least occasionally achylia

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bosity and a refreshing titer of directness and pointed

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nil and 0.09 respectively. In none of the analyses made after the lapse of

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constitutes a portion of the abscess-wall itself) the danger of infecting

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tle to the side of the middle line, and if a strong

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ease ; but in some instances it appeared on the fourth or fifth day, in

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close to the sternum, whence the axilla is much more slowly infected than

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the drainage and relaxation of tension afforded by nephrotomy.

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therefore they are not at all acted on by the narcotic

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so slight that barely no skin changes are apparent,

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edgc no obligation to reviciv them all. Nevertheless, so

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are cautioning their little ones constantly not to do

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the scandal in the general press is desirable, as it

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to intestinal disease and gastric or duodenal ulcer,

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paralysis, further than to state that a great deal of

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of the urea elimination and of blood pressure, espe-