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Emmet and Matthews Duncan again come in for sweeping denuncia-

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1889), who practised it successfully in twelve cases, and demonstrated the

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which had refused to pass can now be swallowed with compara-


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That a quarter of an hour of well-directed and continuously applied taxis is

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timbre added to the voice which one may call whispering (chuchote-

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mechanical measures, however skilfully applied. Fortunately such cases

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though a sign is unnecessary where open solicitation is fashion-

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Note. — To the above should be added two cases reported by Ashby and

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the problem was reviewed from the point of view of those patients

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1918, with a history of having been sick for five days, with abdominal

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after the method of vanEichelsberg, turning ini both ends and implanting

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the patient continued to manifest from 0.5 to 3 per cent, of sugar in his urine.

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tically killed the underworld traffic so far as the peddler is

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pounds in weight. That is a rare case in my experience."

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or talking noises, etc. The disposition was normal, she had a good appe-

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Br^ii%h Medimbl Jourm^i, Nuy^mbti 9, ICCO ) advanced the following proposi-

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surgeons at general hospitals, were less considered by them, special institu-

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predecessor of larger growth had been lost, after a labor of nineteen

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radical socialism, and of those about 90% are foreign-born.

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of its attachment to femur could be discovered, and its acetabular attach-

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Dr. Pilcher knows of no instance, as yet, where this recommendation has

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Why does appendicitis appear four times as often in men as

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usage, in preferring the long sound (as in mine) of the second syllable

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heart having been overtaxed. In another case after several treatments the

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firm, careful plugging with strips of sal alembroth gauze. On the five occa-

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had been less cases during the past year, which was probably due to prompt

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In the case of large collections of pus aspiration is only allowed under stress

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development of appendicitis are the pathogenic bacteria^ and of

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logical combinations are so complex as to make a precise diagnosis

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third nerve opens them. Paralysis of the seventh gives an open

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evolution that we have been all but ready to declare the argu-

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dition was reported by Griiber C) in 28 cases of chlorosis. The hajmo-

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quite a coincidence that it should be issued on the fiftieth

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surgeon's confident expectation, through some intercurrent disease to all

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stricture of the rectum is either simple or malignant, why speak of

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The purpose of the foot is obvious ; it is made to stand on and