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contracted, the thorax is also depressed at the point corresponding,

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the like. This secondary pleurisy, which generally produces a puru-

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was perfectly unconscious. The radial pulse could scarcely be felt. I hur-

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rule, is an absolute condition for conception, but asks. How

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produces mechanical lesions of the secreting structure of the

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tion ; but, in most cases, besides the constipation, there are severe pain

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the bronchi into the air-cells, producing catarrhal pneumonia, the same

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ducts are often enormously dilated, and the enlarged liver shows the

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the natives according to Chinese usage. These so-called doctors acquired

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tierdrzt. Wchnsch., (1896), 4, 407; ref: Baumgarten's Jahresb., (1896), 12,

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sema, organic disease of the heart, etc. Nevertheless, there still remains

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whether the blood vomited really comes from the stomach or whether

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* We employ this general term merely to signify a morbid tenderness of the vas-

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the use of these remedies, I have often seen a peritonitis, which was

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tervals, during which there was pain in the region of the spleen, and

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preferably apply a sinapism to the pit of the stomach occasionally,

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perforation in the processus vermiformis is closed by a dense cicatricial