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Technic and Experiments. — Fresh sows' fetuses were obtained daily at a
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J/lk. — His breathing was distressing for several
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ary outlay ; to manage the light so obtained to the best advantage requires
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2 Arch. J. path. Anal, (etc.), Berl., 1907, clxxxvii, 111.
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purulent fluid, often with a fecal odor, or it might be
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Fig 2 shows the curve of diurnal variation m Colombo, Ceylon ,
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a 2>otent phosphoric adjuvant. If, however, it be used also in culinary
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Tongue. 4. Lower jaw-bone. 5. Root of the fifth pair forming the ganglion of
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without danger to tiie anVct(!(l tishues — diffeiing in
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sists in dissecting out the sinus and the immediate
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comes the secretion of the gastric juice preparing for the
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produced in the last stage of the disease ; that is, irregular
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this point the physician may be unable to procure any reliable
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ward through the fenestrum when the slide is withdrawn.