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actuates it to be constantly using this excess of power which it
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electric reactions of the muscles. The changes are as follows: Mechanical
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in )i-L' fruitful rc^iulLs tliim inicrosrupioid cxiiminiition
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dominal respiration. (B) 1. In partial artificially provoked epilep-
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the heart and lungs from the body, the carotid and cervical
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The suprapubic opening is then covered with gauze, and the patient
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native of a country in which leprosy was extensively
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question was how this was going to affect their practice
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correctness of the conclusions formed by Freund, who claimed that
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glittering, rosy hue, whilst with Plehn's solution or hsematoxylin-eosin,
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an area requiring the resection of 18 inches of intestine. A
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and in my second plea I alleged that his statement was
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making a neurasthenic by rest and breaking compensation
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upon the hexon bases, namely, that in extreme diffuse necrosis where
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in many instances the child never got worse, but in
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toxemic manifestations usually set in before death ensues.
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cular Institute at La Jolla Marriott Hotel. Thurs-Sat. 16 hrs. $300.
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Pathological Society ; Roxbury, Mass., Society for Medical
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nence only will be mentioned: Dr. Frank Trester Smith, of Chat-
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whereas, on the one hand, the answer to this question is
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with the blood examination. The rod-shaped organisms, which are
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or infra-omental. Intraperitoneal subphrenic abscesses occur in the
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sickened a fortnight afterwards. When accidentally dis-
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nine were traceable to over -study. Out of this number
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characteristically in disease. The great value of pneumato-
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ailment of the upper respiratory tract, together with some
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that the eruption of small-pox is essentially curative 'f Some
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Physiology. — Foster, Carpenter (edition of 1ST").
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of inflammatory infiltration and can be relieved only by ex-
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The predicate and postulate are both conceded, and it is
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mediastinal, cervical, axillary, pelvic, inguinal, etc.) are enlarged, softer than
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probably owing to implication of the frontal sinuses, there is often severe
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healthy ; and, moreover, when the growth on the outer side
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produce an acute exacerabation of the disease or, if the pathology
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sity of an absolutely correct diagnosis and sound therapeu-
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and a semen analysis should be planned to be performed
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On page 168 it strongly, and we believe rightfully, advocates blood letting as
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credit, be it said, he gave to the poorest the same conscientious
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sterile pipette into a test tube. This was at once boiled, and when cool ten c.c. were
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