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tered opium. Six hours afterwards he was called, and found the first
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Diagnosis. — I must now deal with the differential diagnosis of hemiplegia
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Keep horse out of wet and dirt, and keep the stable clean.
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confirmed by palpation and bimanual examination. It is where the
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which are the size of almonds, are swollen and injected.
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forming the district, and in the c:ise of the dispensaries tiom the
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absolutely safe, a fact which is confirmed by the paper we have heard with
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that cautious bloodletting, either by cupping or venesection, is ever ad-
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position in the adult, but finds that in the new-born infant it lies
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and vesicles are dilated and their walls atrophied.
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Bristol, therefore, was increased. Before the balloting commenced, the
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The attiicks may pass ofif quickly, or ou the other hand they
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and by ulceration presenting to view a soft and spongy fungus,
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into sugar; but that it seems to have the power, whilst located in
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make brief note of the six patients with vital capacity below 85 per
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plague on board at each of the three ports of Marseilles, Messina,
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that an opinion in order to constitute an insane delusion shall originate in a
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amphitheatre. But even this, in a short time, proved to
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from one to four square inches the scalp is found depressed,
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icd by the violent female patients, and the eastern wing of the main edifice
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contain more than thirby-six square miles. No statutory
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broken bones, callus, dislocated bones, the fetal head, and external substances,
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the formation of a hematoma is not initiated by an inflammation of
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2. Hepatogenous diabetes appears to arise from an abnormal action
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dog's medulla. After a period of 2 or 3 weeks rabies
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disease trichof)tilosis, literally, feathered hair, a name that is now
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mteresting features was the sudden appearance of several small skin
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upwards so that it was overhung by the keloid above it.
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biology that scientists have been unable to account for in a rational
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the oil would exude from his face." This is not the only oil found
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examination, however, showed that they were nodules of fat
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heart still asserts its capability by maintaining a high blood-
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number given by the sam(^ authority last year. The univer-
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Steamship in Quarantine. — Two cases of smallpox have
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v., and the time occupied liy the fading of the eiup-
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The thrombus not only tends to become enlarged by further depositions