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are the observations of gas in the biliary passages, associated sometimes with

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this does not remove the complaint, give a dose of No. 1 .

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has ; it tastes bitter, can be given as a powder rubbed up with sugar, or

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so intramine is not the drug which directly gets rid of the

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uterus among the abdominal viscera (organs of high sensibility),

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in large number, so that the specimens look almost like pure cultures.

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cardiac volume, which Heitler first observed in 1890, may be increased.

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abdominal tenderness or tympanites ; some constipation had

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poisonous action of quinine upon infusoria, determined to make

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no air is drawn into the lungs by that movement, and I

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to show the degree of success with which it can be raised

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union may and does take place in intra-capsular fractures. Many

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even in the acute stage are not really seriously ill. None of them appear to be

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distinctly better prospect of relief than orchidectomv,

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patient was in a very grave condition for many hours.

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3. The peninsula proper formed by the plateau of the Deccan,

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carefully instituted, the occasional existence of scattered deposits

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acU'ristic of the first stage. .Naturally, such patients

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Of course no one supposes that the tissues actually re-

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