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substance of the dilated portion is apparently only formed of endocardium

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myotomy knife but the animal was sold and lost sight of. La

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One more point about oily sprays. It is I believe wise

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quent attempts and sometimes a sour smelling liquid

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termination of the febrile period of the first attack.

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tubular function this varies in amount directly with the rapidity of flow

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intracranial vascular malformations Abstr. Neurosurgeiy .

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The degree of fixation is reduced to a numerical value by adding the

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curine diseases of the nature of Avhich he is totally ignorant.

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of moisture and verdant with abundant vegetation. On its

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tions of the womb. Frozen food or ice cold water acts

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the father of antiseptic surgery. The enthusiasm with

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nephritis but circumscribed zones of connective tissue i. e. a scar repre