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cases cerebral action would seem to be completely abolished, but that an

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is so easy as to require no discussion, but in the more larvated forms of

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ureter, while those from the bladder are larger, of irregular shape, and

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ences a cystitis is regarded as catarrhal or suppurative. In chronic cys-

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tion of the liver ; to aid, if possible, in the solution of the gall-stones ;

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recommended by Manzi and others, but the reports of the cases read

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The slowness of action of the iodides may be serious. Death from an

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ing to be good. The true nature of such cases can usually be at once

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these disturbances in any particular part of the lung, the cheesy masses

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gitis. The diagnosis of secondary tubercular enteritis is based upon the

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plication of Paquelin's or of an electro-thermic cautery ; subsequently

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lowing characteristics. The quantity is excessive, three to four quarts

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exists the practitioner is not justified in experimenting with the method.

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ache and dizziness. These and the less frequent cramps, delirium, and

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these stages are artificial divisions and pass insensibly one into the other.

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followed by the raising of a viscid or opaque yellow sputum, small in

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The idea that chloroform possesses tfn elective affinity for the brain,

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size of the organ following a previous state of enlargement, increased

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Deglutition may be affected early or late in the disorder, and, as the

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itself into the superior vena cava. The lungs were healthy, but old

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