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was found was put into a separate ward. Then there was found to l)e hut
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older. A striking instance is recorded by Goltdammer (' Virchow's Archiv,'
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entered the Infirmary labouring under hypertrophy, with incompetency
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Ganiats TG, Bowersox MT, Ralph LP: Universal neonatal hepatitis
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the operation is intended to be curative or is done for the sake of euthanasia. . . .
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equally certain, I would contend, that the virulence of
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favorable cases, and h)nger if deemed advisable. Any member of this
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set — namely, the lateral or radicular branches — enter the mediilla with the
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straighten out the head, will mean an added forward tendency in the
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unfrequently be determined by the moist rales heard in the bronchi.
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In no case, however, are the organisms abundant, and for this reason
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to break out, ere long, wdth greater fury, and probably pursue the same
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aggressive and supplemented by the use of high-speed dental
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course, several classifications of disease which may be used with
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which they develop, describes a series of interesting cases
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opening into the skin, as the latter would needlessly
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had so treated one case. The girl had suffered greatly,
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neglect them in the course of the treatment of the intestinal dis-
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than five shall be resident freeholders of the county where such appli-
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aurum potabile, is spoken of by Salmon, an English writer
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largest, eight." Just above the right nipple the respiratory mur-
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10 in 1914, had been a pellagrin since 1907 and her husband had died
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been established between the two organs by means of vessels of new formation.
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No. of cases. . 246 258 224 179 408 174 202 579 257 158 891
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to consider the alternative of " barrier nursing." Therefore, he had listened
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employed hypodennically, as one-twentietn of a grain to a child of five
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tice, notably one from Dr. A. H. Thomas, of Hurley, AVis.,
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much we regret the necessity of creating a new institution,
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The ideal operation for prolapsus had yet to be de-
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cases of chronic intestinal dyspepsia, thirteen children were 9 years
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with aseptic contents, three cases have come under my
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to 250 mg. per day. This survey did not include the vitamin
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of a hematoma (in addition to lacerations ture methods.
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lar immimity against the infection, provided he has not lived outside
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he was using the same exercise; it subsequently became
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another fortnight. Bright's disease, I was relieved to find, I had only in a modified
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Studies are under way to standardize all platelet aggregation tests for pH
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did not adopt the widely publicized confidential rec-
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mesentery, or around another coil of intestine, occurs in the small intes-