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d'b.vg.. Par., 1884 , 3. s., xii, 327-337. — Oillct. I5tat ac-
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years ago, his Lordship was entertaining a rmr- Fig. -a.
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frequently meet w r ith disappointment. For this reason — because
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its great vascularity, and in the circumstance that the nose is remarkably
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proportionate to its amount, but, in myalgia, deep, firm pressure may be made
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noticed increasing hoarseness. This has been gradually getting worse
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Winckel's one case of pytemia ends fatally, and the x'ost mortem reveals
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served in scarcely any other disease ; and die abort time that flii
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It appeared to him very easily, by presuming that the post-mortem examina-
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Principles and Practice of Medicine, by J. Da Costa,M. D.
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ease, of which the greater number died. On the twenty-third
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mucous membrane adhering to its entire surface with
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A fair average percentage would probably be about 4*84. The milk-
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. the end of that time the total nitrogen, the nitrogen in the filtrate
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get that we live in different climates — that Lon-
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and reasoning from Reid and Stewart, Dr. liegljic has spread over every
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with Yz ounce butter. (Each day select meat with same num-
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the patient grew progressively worse, the weight dimin-
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ascription of a failure of osseous union to a deficient vascular
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Experiment No. 3. — The external jugular vein of a dog was