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Nomenclature. — At the last meeting of the British Medical
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other hand it has been shown, by a large number of eminent authorities, that
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etc. The change in form seems to be the least important from
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water, well corked to save the chlorine until it is
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friend’s response would have appeared reasonable and
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of cholera are still reported in each day's bulletin, the
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would fail to produce that impression on the ultimate
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of CAMP fitters insures precise and conscientious atten-
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when the individual will no longer digest rightly, because the con-
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the edges of the plaster as it is raised; this will cause it to come
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state, and only because of the small yield the material could not be
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It is, however, well known that both these regions differ
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as the drawing of the same disease in Dr. Duhring s Atlas, Part I.
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nating pains, retracted nipple and enlargement of the lymphatic
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all kinds, specially synovial wounds and those with loss of sub-
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this technique [intraoperative suggestion] could be fur-
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results from atrophy of a paralyzed leg, he will prevent
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military practice can only be satisfactorily determined by ex-
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of trephining and the removal of a portion of a cerebral tumour produces
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uses three drops of amyl hydride to a pint of water ; in
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duce you to put the latter first, but to do so would be to make a life-
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have in most cases had to wait for the separation of the
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also present. Staphylococcus pyogenes aureus was also met in 4 pneu-
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ter proof that cerebral disturbance, the Tesult of a shock
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ble are notoriously undesirable, as, for instance, the
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for the first time, the causation of the most common, and, therefore, the
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as an able-bodied seaman. Whilst drawing water from alongside, he suddenly
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is well known to the profession, the advantages of Hydrangea and Lithia combined in a
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Right oblique. — Raise the arm until horizontal, extended obliquely to
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and confirmed by tissue section was inoperable carcinoma.
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Womb, by it's own force fometimes drives the foetus out of
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arresting the reflex. He agreed with Dr. Edes that, if the
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the screw of price and cost of his supplies applied to the drug-