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constriction is continually experienced in the anterior wound.

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It is to be feared that Dr. Ballard was well within the

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above the symphysis, and the cervix was very short. This experimental

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ately acknowledge that their data are preliminary and that

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are found (Theiler). Williams found variation in the size and

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inturning web or membranes, in others cloven hoofs ;

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those around him. In proof of which, he says in a letter to

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These results do not afford much evidence of the efficacy of

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schools of medicine, in Sicily and the southern part

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faithfully setting before the inquirer his actual condition, and

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Treatment. Give plenty of good feed to the maltreated

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the speculum may be adjusted, so as to bring into view the os uteri, and any other

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a shilling, and was bounded anteriorly by the supra-orbital margin. The

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a half : and having melted them all together, put thereto a^

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and cleansing the throat more effectually than can be done in any

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'250 Medical Inspection of Schools and School Children.

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of deaths due to starvation. It isgatliered from a par-

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better to preserve the appendages, if possible. The cases must be

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these waters to produce. It is a trite saying that, whatever the com-

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sician who, forgetting that his mission is to avert disease, as well

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used. Sometimes it is the Flexors that are affected, and then the

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which I have seen termini of the tractus manMnillo-cerebellaris of