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Figure 1 shows, the righting moment of an object is equal to

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before Soc. centr. de med. vet.. Par., 26 Jan.] ^Ibidem, v. 59, 6. s., v. 9 (4),

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It was reported to be "typhus." Whether this was "typhus abdo-

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the abscesses extend throughout the thickness of the organ.

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branch of pneumogastric. 4. Glossopharyngeal nerve. 5. Lingual nerve (5th).

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lobes, and moreover in a perineal rather than in a vesical direction.

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nothing notably wrong was found within the brain, nothing

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decomposition of substances by plants or animals is very

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Bacteriological and clinical studies of the diarrheal diseases of infancy with ref-

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Traitemcnt des maladies de la peau, Paris, 1890, p. 385. — 8. Caspaey, J. Viertel-

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lesion of rhinoscleroma has not been reproduced in animals by the

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