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by the correction of the spinal deformity, a report of cases, 1^4.

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present. Rendu and Rist'"" also isolated the gas bacillus (Bacillus per-

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fessors, he went to Pittsburg Landing and graduated at

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imagination and common-sense. It has been estimated

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forming another loop (A', Fig. 235) ; No. 2 passes the rope through the hook,

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this report, to which attention is invited, showing that

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The same holds stiU to a less extent, and in the New

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from all family details. Were I ever to open again these

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provisions of section 4716 of the general statutes, with evidence

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wound, for these are too infrequent to be relied upon, but from the

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Cheyne.* The very essence of hypochondriasis, however, is a

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trapezii ; has slight dyspnoea; is very weak; tires

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his hair closely cropped, said his hair reminded him of the bristles

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oblique inguinal hernia, strangidated in the sac, was

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upon the maintenance of a permanent opening between the sinus

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at necropsy had to be excluded — a majority, even when there had been

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The Destruction op Pathogenic Organisms in Manurial Matter.

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destroying the surface ; if it is seated in the superficial layers the greater

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Gastrointestinal nausea, vomiting, epigastric distress, abdominal cramping, diarrhea,

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lb., salt yi oz., cloves, mace, cinnamon, less than a ^ oz. each,

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the skin and come out again within a short distance. The

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this murmur, it is only necessary to arrest respiration,

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Prineipes de MSek&mque Animale, ou Mtude de la Locomotion ckez V Homme et les

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individuals — amounting to less than thirty-three

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Dr. L. F. Richdorf, clinical associate professor of

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acid had probablv entered the blood and was acting on the brain, bled the man