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tion," he TVTites, " the plate taken immediately after the feeding

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the cervical canal will usually allow the passage of two fingers.

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ance of the patient and the general symptoms, we, at first,

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been greatl) prejudiced against the German school of medicine,

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alive and well; no brothers; three step-brothers, children of

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JtHolvtd, Tbut aa a*pabl1c taatlmonlal of regard and a tribute of reapeet

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medical literature. They all refer to an albuminuria

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the patient does not get well. — American Medical Compend.

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Harry, nor as showing the harmfulness of such phos-

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/ '5737 Davis, J. B., and Thurnam, J. Crania Britannica.

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at present, in the pathological appearance of the nasal

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July 2, Monday. — The Fiscal Year of the College begins.

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degrees, it should be regarded with suspicion. When the disease

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is well known to the profession, the advantages of Hydrangea and Lithia combined in a

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nowned by a nostrum called azoth, which he vaunted as

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from the normal mechanism of the renal circulation in those cases of

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Dr. Greene was called, on Dec. 1, 1861, to see a man 84

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protected by inoculation. The injections caused (1) local reaction

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lexy; Stomach's Appeal; Household Knowledge; Who are

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and pain of the udder. Suppuration soon follows the

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immune from the plague. This may have been in large part due to the severe

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obstruction in a cerebral vessel could traverse the pulmonary capillaries

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extension of inflammation along the nerves, or whether it is simply

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(a) Infective Agent. — Unknown and disputed. Evidence for

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salivation, just as neuralgia of the fifth pair occasions lachrymation.

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bathing-house, crowded with all sorts of people as thick as they can

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and numberless related questions constitute a line of