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anesthesia, the majority of the patients being children and
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2 British Med. Journal, December 10, 1887, p. 1259.
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Hospital, gave a general introduction to the course
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fessor Papa to the valley of Borne, in Savoy, to see a disease
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pursuing the usual course of a severe pneumonia with
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mortality and the percentage is still larger. Is this mortality among
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useful as a means of diagnosing cases of doubtful glycosuria.
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"Mention is made of gems and jewels in the earliest writings of
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|- on this card, but if the general illumination be reduced until on the
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would certainly seem a rare instance in which amputation of the
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country it seems to be endemic. No mention is made, however, of
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hydatids only affect young sheep, and spring from the ova
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which are very highly fed and worked severely, such as
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which it has conferred upon physiology and patholog}^, as the clear
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of bona fide diagnosis prior to rupture, and the enormous mortality to
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lingsalter," Pragfer Vierteljahrschrift, B. 142, 1879. — 6. Franks, Kendal. "Tapping
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many operations which have been undertaken during the present war.
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Minor surgery is hardly worthy of touch, and like minor surgery the
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26. Klose, H. : Beitrage zur Pathologie und Klinik der Thymusdriise, Jahrb
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js we find Distichlis marititna, Triglochin fnaritima
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Scarlet Fever. In thirty-nine cases of diplitheria the
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tis, which causes numerous narrowings of the urinary tubules,
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to be composed of two physicians and one justice of the peace, resident in
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National Conference of County Medical Society Officers
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are glad to see, however, that the editors are determined that the series, of which
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nitudine et colore, interdum tamen etiam lividae in