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animal spine bearing its weight transversely. In these
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are blanched, dyspnea appears and all the symptoms of collapse.
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becomes sour. Indeed, so regularly does this change manifest
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delayed and difficult. If the emotion be as intense as it is sudden,
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aided in the disintegration and resorption of the fibers.
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at present, in the pathological appearance of the nasal
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tried to be impartial and discriminating. In favor of
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sional intermission of respiration, indicating an oedema of the
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though at points where it is recovering it may subside
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cember last (Edinburgh Medical Journal). He was fortunate
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experiment was about eighty to ninety hours after administration,
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muscle, etc., vegetables which obtain these elements direct from
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11. That in no inconsiderable number of cases the opera-
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March. Monthly meetings are held on the first Monday
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while at stool and an evident dread of the act of defecation are
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up to December 31st last, amounted to $13,395; to which had since
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9) PIAA companies almost universally reflect a rapid
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Mr. A. Lane, of Guy's Hospital, reports a case in which he
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that none of the attendants could re-introduce it. On ray way
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to be maide in the same way, but in a direction crossing the first at as great an
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This permission shall not be denied when the animals are from non-
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bony floor of the sinus lead us to classify this case along with the
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sponse at all can be elicited by stimulation caudad of the lesion.
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About 550 years later, or to be exact in 1777, a com-
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27th, 1914, and immediately upon coming out of the ether he made the
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well with blankets, and gave him the warmest medicine
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plished by the muscles of the tympanum. Is it not possible that the hair-like