Sinemet Nursing Interventions

of the sections, reserving the fourth one to make the

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and his bed-linen and clothes is beyond all apology.

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It is quite possible that the affection which has begun in the spinal

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formed a part of his experience. Paramnesia occurs more commonly in

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However, what machinery is or is not, has nothing to do

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Discourses Concerning the Different Arts of Men" has

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ened London literary cliques, and made a single brotherhood

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the progressive paralysis of the insane. It must be noted that inequality of

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known that long -continued constipation, such as occurs in intestinal

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manifestations of the lesions. Such a combination has already been sup-

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heated just enough to cause the individual grains of glass to ad-

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upon a depressed general condition of health, and may manifest itself

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insanity ; but here again we have to recognise that governesses are

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a wound ? To clear it from extraneous matter, to bring the

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vision was imaginary may be lost sight of, and the present revival appears

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klin. Woch. 1890, p. 464. — 6. Bordoni-Uffredezzi. Fortsch. der Med. 1896, p. 157. —

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hard pencil, suffered from a transient attack of " cramp " and some general

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exceedingly small, not larger indeed than a barley-corn ; and severe

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by-day observations and procedures and serve as the basis for the

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Ormerod, Joseph Arderne, M.D., F.R.C.P., Assistant Physician to St. Bartholomew's

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too special) specialist, remembering that what can be done quickly

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In conclusion, we may point out that such training as that above

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chronic. The physical basis is the cortical degeneration, which is pro-

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the famous surgeon who would have been a Royal Academi-

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pregnant women ; insanity is very rare. The psychological changes that

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idiocy in about 12 per cent of Dr. Beach's cases ; but the same observation

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become merged in the disease which originally caused them (for example,

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to our knowledge, distinguishes the following varieties : (i.) Erythema

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ments of respiration are seriously impeded; and if the "hide-bound"

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ally or suddenly. It may be periodical or recurrent. It may take part

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defect, who presented low nutrition, or were pale, thin, and delicate. The

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Butchers, those engaged in making necropsies, and dissectors are liable

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an access of passion, will make the lesions red and tumescent. The hands

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for a sufficient length of time ; the weight of the body or extremities, the

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34 cases has the death sentence been reprieved on the grounds of insanity

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