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the first twenty-four hours is one-twenty-fourth of the

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recognition of varioloid as a mild but genuine form of smallpox was a great

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ally there are several. The smaller ones are found close to the

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ists, like careful artists, are studiously precise.

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" Serous Effusion under the Arachnoid and into the Ventricles in

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than other varieties. In 1896, the canes came into bloom

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on the left foot and outer side of the leg. In the mus-

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the lesson which lies in the difficulty of diagnosing diphtheria from

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the principal online bibliographic citation base of the National Library of Medicine. (Printed on

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of the city, the rate in the most unfavorable, ward being 157 deaths for

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arrived and found many of us with well-marked, temporary attacks of

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ically or otherwise, as of any value in saving human life. For over eight

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from the bed was not produced in the same way as the onychogryphosis.

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but he believed that it should be resorted to but rarely.

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ziness and headache, which eftects were transitory.

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It is necessary to carefully ascertain if the medicine is fresh and

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steroid preparations has more to do with the vehicle and

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must understand that to the physician and the surgeon the diseases

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*In consequence of the epidemic the subject of infantile paralysis, however, received a

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elements of the gray matter. May not this occur in the

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taken nourishment. They had administered powerful emetics and opi-

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In 1790, the New Jersey legislature finally passed an act

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' Trans. .'Vmer. Gynecolog. Assoc, vol. ix. p. 173.

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upon this idea, I passed a point of the nitrate of silver directly

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of why giant size evolved in flying avians. Gigantism is not uni-

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leucocytes or white globules into the tissue of the mucous membrane, presenting

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other times the dilatation does not take place till near the extremity of the pe-

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Frequency of Suppurat.io7i.—8iipi->uTat\ou, when it exists, is in most

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a marked feature in his case. The case terminated &tally

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ever, the blood urea fell below the critical concentration, which marked

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hen. Another species {L. hacoti, Hirst, fig. 65), is parasitic on rats,