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1. Conidial maeses strictly terminal, olive green, fragrant. .P. clavi/orme.
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active part in the conduct of the Journals of the Homoeopathic school, lat-
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head. M. Lombard has been led to adopt this mode of treatment from
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fever, to be affected with debility from the same cause which induces a
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vulsions of epilepsy and that which causes the headache of the early
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constitutional deterioration. Hector Boece, in his Chronicles as
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alkaline reaction; this enzyme has been designated leucoprotease.
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patients were kept in bed tliree weelvs and were cau-
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under cold antiseptic dressings. There was no suppuration,
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Physicians were given five response categories in which to
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was advisable, and was, in fact, the only method to be pursued
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"Stridor vel sonitus interius resonans aut sibilans in ea
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the array, but only a civilian doctor employed by the govern-
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" Old Kentucky," am 6 feet, 2J inches in height, and on certain
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sumption is strong that the cardiac attack was induced by nervous excite-
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muscular, vascular, nervous, and other systems of tije
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and developmental standpoint until, as he fi'equently said
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Whether the presence of shrivelled daughter cysts was
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tion. Weakness, fretfulness, pallor, diffuse soreness, profuse sweating of
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first bend a little and then finally break. The bones of children are
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ting malaria, M. rossii was not. The result of the experiment was
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that gentle and refining moral influence which is seldom found
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thymia, and after eliminating chronic latent infec-
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proof of this will be found in the records of the meeting.