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679. Peach Pie — Ingredients — Fuff or short crust, peaches, sugar.

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and its products are correspondently aff*ected. The nutritive is only

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[Cerebrum = the brain + forma = a model] cancers are of two kinds

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1893 b.— Idem. Reprint, pp. 9-13. 8°. Genova. [Lib. Stiles.]

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assistance to tuberculosis work consisted of staffing

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the sick and insane ; reformatories for the intemperate ; com-

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from an ulcer on the posterior surface of the soft pal-

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ment of the optimum acidity for the digestion of protein to the acid

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smallest pocket case to the comprehensive travelling dis-

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of these cases, of course, has the blood been examined for the

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interchanges, the protoplasm, under its influence, making better use

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in accordance with the predilections of the different laliora-

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quote a case recently recorded by Krauss of Buffalo.^

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ment administration is extremely difficult. It does not

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number of cases is about 7 per cent. It occurred in 118 cases of this series

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Two lepers, a male and female, under my care in England have had

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stated that he had complained of malarial trouble and

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the excessive mortality in post-scarlatinal diphtheria is mainly owing to a

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if these are known to be diseased, the gall bladder is laid open

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so much good. Even if it would do no more than build

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as stated, via the salivary glands. The labelling of the figure

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leaps in the air. While thus excited, he was again examined for lung

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some time so limited as to produce no other symptom than anesthesia of the left

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A. M. Reid; Third Vice-President, B. A. Jenkins; Secretary, H. A. Lange; Treasurer, L. M. Archambault;

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the body. The bacilli are found most constantly in the spleen, mesenteric

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course due to the part affected and the presence or absence of complications.

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restless at night. He would throw himself about, kick the cover-

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have used more or less of them in every case which I have

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"Perceptiplan" servicing; specialized handling of your yearbook

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set down, and then conclude this chapter of barrenness.