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our care, to be sent home to the British Admiralty.

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ulceration of his lips and chin. Fainting, sighing,

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and into a house just vacated by a pellagrin. She gave birth to a child

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as shown in Fig. i. The operation carried out on the lines indicated by

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sick call in the fieM. Soapy water is a disinfectant. ^Mere water is

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from, or addition to, its constituents. Thus heating to the

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simple, the room kept quiet and shady. The bed covering should be

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No abnormal percussion sound, but faint asthmatic r&le.

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generally been suggested to me by recognising, on applying the hand

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cases ,n hospital, indicate that the result of vaccination wasperfect

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54. Konecke LL, Spitzer S, Mason D, Kasparian H, James PM:

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been especially directed towards the cure of neuralgia, or the artificial production

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ing, otherwise lost or forgotten. In a way they were

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is the confusion, and so hopeless the task of giving

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at present is, however, sufficient to indicate that the distribution

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traction and insufficiency of the cardiac orifices.

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There were great surgeons before Lister, just as there were brave

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tures, whereas this difficulty is largely overcome by using fresh cultures

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should be made from the time of onset of the paralysis to retain the Hmbs in

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by the owner; or if the owner neglects or refuses for twenty-four hours to select

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who three months before fell from a bridge a consider-

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in which the changes consist only of simple chronic indurative

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ble of self-control, and are predisposed, by their very organiza-

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disorders of the cells are the result of intoxication. The latter may

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Councilman* has perhaps given the most complete description of

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The Nbw York Couhtt Medical Sooiett stands as a living

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inal Entrance as a Sign of Pregnancy," for ten years,

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the lining membrane of the trachea to the skin with