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I have seen no decided benefit from the use of pancreatic extracts.

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Oxygen. Although oxygen is essential to support life, in

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observed post mortem. In the larger number of cases gas bacilli and gas

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seen early it may be advantageous to give an emetic of ipecacuanha

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limited extent, but speaking generally, especially in view of nast

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reached one thousands, requiring this number of entries in

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According to these authors, only certain of the motor cranial nerves were

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liver, are not justified by the anatohiical characters of the disease.

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ing child. I do not believe I have been deceived in my observations

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March 27, 1878, a male, aged thirty-seven, fell fifteen feet, break-

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better " dry up " incontinently. We are willing to give any quan-

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Eastham, T., Narootile Anesthesia, Lanoet, 1903, i, 1091.

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the projectile at the time of injury ; and lastly, differences in the

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I have seen no decided benefit from the use of pancreatic extracts.

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that has been used by him during his tour of service. The night

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1. "A properly-conducted electrical treatment of solid fibroids is

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results of all the other experiments upon the inflammatory

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remarkable train of symptoms as to attract special attention,

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ner, and, therefore, much oftener than the generality of men

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exceptional cases be employed. In cases where masturbation has been practised,

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than nature designed. Hence, even in this climate, girls usually commence

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In a small proportion of cases the spleen is enlarged and

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catheter will surmount the difficulty (see Figs. 453 and 454).

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tion, and whose writings are admitted to be standard :

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tensive laceration of the brain substance from haemorrhage.

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of the brain. Injury, if sufficiently severe, will cause complete uncon-

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should be performed ; that if pus be evacuated, the operation