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permitted to demonstrate the converse proposition that in a very large

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Duodenal and Gastric Ulcers in China. C. C. Elliott, M.D. China

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1 Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Classification Project: National Cancer

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Treatment: — But little can be said concerning the treat-

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in the future, and in case he continues to violate, he is

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Medical Record, Oct. 25, 1902) upon this subject. He said that

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6,520,000. White corpuscles per c. mm. 20,000. W : R = 1 : 326.

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tality which faces the surgeon in the performance of hys-

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this time the disease had become well dispersed around the city,

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day, which lasted the best part of two days. His temperature remained

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Officers: Bernadette DeArmond, secretary-treasurer; Bobbie

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1860 to 1884, 160 cases of cerebellar disease were re-

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tion, but an examination of the inguinal nodes shows that dissemina-

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their knowledge of the functions of the brain. That

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The cases vary greatly in severity. The fever subsides at the end of

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beneath the quadriceps extensor also in communication with the joint.

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onos was well marked. On the 9th, the paroxysms were again

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rarity as a clinical condition. These are the diffuse nature of the path

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*' 6. With this motive and taking into consideration the features of resem-

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thecally, on August 5 th 8000 intramuscularly, and on the 8th the

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be an important factor in the establishment and progress of various

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In October, 1904, a patient was referred to me for operation

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The report was adopted, and the meeting then adjourned.

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Several intelligent members of the Profession have been consulted