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tion of itching is excited. Dressings, too, which were inapplicable
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the arts and sciences which go to make up the profession of arms, can
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by the membrane of the mouth, a slight incision over the point of
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must also, I think, take into account the gravity of the
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of the spleen and lymphatic glands is not sufficient to produce leuco-
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was employed, the resulting deafness was proportionately greater. 'ITic same
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monly given. I talked with twenty practitioners of medicine on
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an antiseptic which should be capable of saturating the discharge
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found to be far more active than the transpiration from the cutis.
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late. Before the introduction of anesthesia and modern anti-
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fatigue, lack of air, anxiety about something, or a combination of
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Lexington, N. C; W. W. Early, Aulander, N. C; Augustus S.
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without inducing excessive irritation. 2. The mucous revulsive is formed
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the northern part of the State of New York, married some forty years since.
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nual volume of Transactions, has much to do with the
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at one end and a lateral one (the eye) at the other. The vesical end may
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lar function and cardiac conduction abnormalities have usually been
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a condition that no physical or general sign of aneurism remained. Such cases
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husband of ]\Irs. Davis, through his brother, heard of Dr Pratt,
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of Science in regard to all chemical words, and every-
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chest and back; these symptoms are shortly followed
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rary with Galen, and wrote the life of Hippocrates.
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whitiili fcum, generally termed the Pleuritic Cruftj