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tion until that neglect of historical studies which
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the Army of the Potonoao, to relieve Assistant-Surgeon Franklin Gmbe,
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ence; in other words, it is in the infant at time of birth.
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been reported. I did not succeed in locatiui"- the stone,
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administration, vital statistics, sanitary engineering, laboratory methods,
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same defect applies to many of the ancient terms em-
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the wound must be carefully syringed with cleansing solutions.
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on his back with the knees drawn up. He had g^eat thirst
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cal attendance, and there is no law compelling a parent to give his
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Undoubtedly it does, but when it does I am inclined now
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work with tuberculosis, the federal government having to do
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emergency cases under the Public Statutes (chap. 87,
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ceased, bowels open once. All question of operation given up.
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available immediately. Most modern facilities and plant
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Arenaria Hookeri, Nutt. T. & G. Fl. N. A. i, 178 (1838).
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gelatine (horn), zein (maize), phaseolin (kidney bean). The adequacy
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and kidneys, and brings together a vast amount of material bearing on
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covered accidentally on admission to hospital for a wound or other
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inordinate effects, and with this view, not m.ore than half a grain,
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the flow has ceased her eyes become better and she has
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Prag. Vierteljahrschr. 1851, Jahrg. VIIL, Heft 3.—IIescM, Compendium der
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better to apply it the first hour. On the second day
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the disease. It then declines slightly, rises again from the twelfth to the
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taken to the first-aid room as they were suiTering from the effects of gas.
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of the organism. Similar results were obtained with the Japanese
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stupefying, with confusion of ideas. Headache in forehead
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