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The next question which presents itself is in regard to the quan-

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means by which the oxygen is conveyed to the tissues and the C0 2 re-

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science. The hospitals of New York City are open to the

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deafness, amaurosis, pharyngeal spasm, paralysis, contracture,

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University Hospital. A.B. 1965, University of Pennsylva-

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irregular, intermittent. Frequently there is prolonged

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before the occurrence of complete closure of the ureters, foreign

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chloral hydrate, belladonna, lobelia. Smart weed is used in Canada.

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purpose, that are much better. See Dircctior ^ &c.,

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Dr. D. A. Sargent, Harvard, Dr. J. W. Seaver. Yale,

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a line to a line and one-half in thickness. Toward the

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The use of warm baths, except in particular cases of illness, is mis-

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cases. It is safe to say, therefore, that a very great ma-

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the chills and heat subsided, still the liability to the

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reference to the circumstances and position of the child. If the parents

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"After making a few steps, which carried me to the garden, my head be-

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imperfectly resist the increased pressure. The flow through

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greatly diminished, and the diaphragm is now visible for the first time

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police to make it known to the public in the usual way. Dogs in

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of the Head of the Department, but courses 1, 2, 3, and at least 3 majors of

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inflammation of the cord or membranes producing softening of the

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finger may be affected, whilst the little finger escapes ; or the thumb

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naeum, while the "bossing" is supposed to elevate the peri-

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stomach, heart and head become congested by the excessive pres-

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Progress of Plague in the Bombay Presidency from Sept. 1896 to June 1899."

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Spherical crystalline dro})s may be regarded as crystals