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pect. The day one practices cauterization, the patient should
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take an emetic or should fast, for there was said to
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it is well to remember. These muscles proceed from the
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rapidly and are at first tense and firm to the touch, but soon undergo a
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as a member of a commission to investigate the origin and prev-
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very widely discussed by the daily papers and by the public gen-
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a severe attack of coughing, accompanied by haemoptysis and
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we believe that this data illustrates the effect of irrigation
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tion and if the fistula could be rapidly closed, to attempt it.
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scribed range. It was first observed in the autumn of 1894. when
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Williams College has been suffering from an epidemic
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(Cnapp, P. C, 399, 409; a ca>e of agoraphobia, Bl
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dressing as possible; 7, avoid chilling of the patient.
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The third, or bilious headache, will either be temporary or con-
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attained in the service, would, of course, be duly provided for. The
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slept with his head on liis left arm, and awaking, found the hand and
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fessional conduct and competent practice of medicine, the
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full doses of magnesium sulphate, in order to obtain free
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valent, monatomic cations in the order Li > Na > K > Rb. Solutions acid
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The cut surface in acute pleuro-pneumonia presents a bewildering
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broken — so the medical missionary conceives it to
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ened, and they clearly provide the soundest approach
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To introduce the suture begin by placing the clamps side by side,
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ington. Number of patients limited to seventeen. All rooms face the street and
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and nominated their friends to high station in the army
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Each brigade of an army has one bearer company allotted to it, so
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gastroenterostomia retrocolica posterior is specially recommended,
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nificant cost containment. Certified in surgical specialty,