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Baeteriolog'y. — -Like enteric fever and other infectious diseases,
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inasmuch as the out-patients are treated on the first
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of the spinal cord is quite different from that of the adult. The
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with specific functions. These differences are regarded by the
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when the stitches are buried, are local irritants and
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We always preferred to give intramuscular quinine into the
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Professor Waldeyer read a paper recently before the
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Surgeon J. H. Baxter, U.8.V., is appointed to meet on the 6th iMt at
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removed, and incision irrigated with Dakin's solution.
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sonnel of our cattle commissioners will most certainly be changed.
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waters of Vichy and Pougues have been long known to, and admitted
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not merely an act of simple filtration throngh pores, nor a
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num and the pubis although somewhat increased in its total
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phthisis, herself sickened with the same disease, and fell a victim
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Bailliere, Tindall & Cox. 1910. Cr. 8vo. Pp. viii +
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consequently more nearly circular in outline. Its shape is readily altered
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is especially so in pregnancy ; that it is dangerous, and likely to cause
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p^irdles, and the hyoid bone. The ventral muscles may, however, be divided
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quadam virtute, quicquid medicable est curare. Arrian Rev : Ind. liber, ii,
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below. After the inoculation the tubes are to be returned at once
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were condemned by professional opinion as most dan-
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monia, we are compelled to rest mainlj upon our physi-
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seed producing plants which come into direct competition
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We take care of the accounting, office management and
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tients were constantly in danger, from sliglit causes,
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best. The gall-bladder should be stitched to the abdominal wall, and
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The farinaceous substance called Canna is prepared by simply
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at once, and by no means necessarily commencing in the centre of
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vitreous. In some cases, the ordinary incision needle was
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often exist. The growth may be found in the posterior cul-de-sac.
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The following day, in spite of all that 1 could do to