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1919. a definite and sensible correlation was estab-

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and enduring, by eating largely of bread made of coarse flour,

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to all the physicians of East Tennessee as deserving of their patronage,

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suffer from various accidental complications. Such are ulceration

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not myself had the opportunity of treating a case of

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ness of which, according to Niemeyer, is in proportion to the

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genesis of Bone, of almost complete reformation of the

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made out. No further i)rogress was made till last May, when Dr. Klein came

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that she had injured herself, suddenly experiencing acute

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Parasitic amoebae — entamoebse— are distinct from the non-

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of prescribing and dispensing, pervades all classes of the com-

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Byrne, William L., Ph.D. (Wisconsin, 1953), Associate Professor

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at Lewes, when a boy, had his nose so cut that the only bond of union was

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too firm to allow of much stretching by such an instrument.

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The surface of the tumor is usually soft, often semi-

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selves of the advantage of the author's test for sugar

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Amission, suspension, and expulsion of its members, and

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intelligent Spaniards in Cuba assert that they can cure yellow fever with olive

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not only be carefully studied by medical and all other officers, but receive the

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433. Cases taken up on register cards should be borne thereon

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the British or American journals, while I have been able to

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and it then holds out a more definite prospect of cure than galvano-puncture.

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resulting therefrom; in short, to prevent direct or indirect extension

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valuable diamond ring in recognition of his recent attendance

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Be that as it may, I have pleasure in stating, that we are indebted

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tremely difficult to prevent suppuration even under

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ment. The theory is simple, that by these means the nec-

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in India in 1857, the Sepoys frequently used small sections of

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named seven: Joseph Knox, James Narramore, Mrs. Clara