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15. Return patient to bed and write orders to have tube

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of the larynx is an occurrence exactly analogous to tubercu-

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system everybody's disease. The medical profession generally must

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according to its effects on the system. It is often neces-

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abscess. Urine and pus drained freely and the patient improved

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The superficial lymphatics in the right inguinal and those in the right axillary

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Dacca the disease prevailed among natives only, and in Sylhet among the

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Ohio, Surgeon Enoch Pearce, U.S.Y., is honorably discharged on aoeoont

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The instruction at this college consists of Didactic Lec-

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Susruta gave similar advice to that already given by Charaka,

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striate its relations are closely connected with the condition of

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a judicious surgeon, you would doubtless tind some ulcer* requiring

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months after, since which the symptoms have much increased.

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house. Parents ought to be dareful to impress on the

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10ia> and; cold. About ibis time I saw her and examined'

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It must be added that wasting of the shoulder muscles

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and severity of the streptococcus infection in the patient from whom the

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and as far as our knowledge goes the malignant form described

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tom may be. Here there existed dulness up to the third rib on

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— indicates that inspiration is smaller than expiration.

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To these statements, Yan Swieten made the following peremptory

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fever ; diarrhoea ; dysentery ; sleeping on the ground ; surgical opera-

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from air getting into their veins, but without any effect to save

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that many of thera come fully aH low as tluH ami oc-

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tions are interesting, he does not give the ordinary

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is also clearly pointed out by clinical observation.

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humidification. In such a system the incoming air is first heated

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(J) In most cases there are changes in the kidneys which to the

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highest was in the four Western States, namely Wash-

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exclusively the latter, whilst others again make a selection of cases which appear