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the reinfection occurred coincided with that at which the
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bonic acid, but when the exercise is strenuous and continued, or from
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duced may slough off from strangulation. Infection may oc-
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and varied, which is usually the case when mortal man seeks to pene-
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injection (Lewin). Intubation of the larynx from the
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It was too frequently the case that when the first evidences of distur-
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toward normal, while 6 patients showed no response and had
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owing to the unpleasant effect of quinine upon the nervous system,
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Some of the reflexes elicitable from the cord isolated in this way in-
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Cerebellar tumours often run a very rapid course. The average dura-
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evenings of each week he met that little group, now so widely scattered,
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greatly diminished, and the diaphragm is now visible for the first time
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tubation in some cases, hopeless without operation,
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and drop their lighted pipes unconsciously on the bedding. It is
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is replaced, provided there be no congestion or other condition to ren-
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ring men will not credit an honest defeat; but their
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Some surgeons recommend painting the affected region with collo-
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purgatives in moderate doses and with plenty of water were of
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with "U-U-Uni," it brings back to mind the days of the foot ball games at Nebraska,
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eruptions have been made, of which the most satisfactory are those given
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which will undergo such transformation as will permit of the
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''homing instinct" seems to be very markedly developed in typhoid fever
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muscles open out like the segments of a fan, and at the