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Hippocrates exerted upon medical science for a thousand years
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waxy paleness of the face. He soon discovered that the patient had
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The last year in which any considerable number of soldiers
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when the palor is extreme and the abdominal pain slight : the source
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by the correction of the spinal deformity, a report of cases, 1^4.
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This, the work of a noted specialist, consists of ten plates
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undique comprimit : " If the midwife fhould find the
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the eyes of the law, he would have been to his followers and admirers
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require a closer study of the full history of cases in connection
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while the entire surface was of a livid, angry-red color.
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apothecary seldom applies the proper tests to his purchases. Wo
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to make it a continuation of the work of a possibly
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of the eye. And immediately within this choride coat is
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Discharges of canister-shot, shrapnell, and grape, and indeed
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also present. Staphylococcus pyogenes aureus was also met in 4 pneu-
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injection of dog red cells. For it might be contended, as explaining
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lower extremities, and compelled to be borne on the arms of others,
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where there is gastric irritation, and a weak compressible
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have some aid in locating obstruction in the esoph-
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of his undertaking, with all the economy and self-denial
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transudation ; (3) vibration attended as in this case by extravasation
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Here again is an instance of the lamentable, and it
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A comparison of the number of deaths with the number of cases
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hollow in front of the bone and a strong starch or plaster
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