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carried it home, and though it was wilted and worn and ap-
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Leucocytosis. — ^This condition is a transient numerical increase
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of suppuration, all of a spherical form, though one is ar-
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solution of tannin, or some other astringent; the others
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Charles White rises before me — tall, swarthy, soft-spoken,
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more perfect, the tongue cleans, and the prostration diminishes. Large
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There are several reasons for such a concept ; the extreme contagious-
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remain in the soil two weeks before germinating the soil
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found to affect their weight, evenness of consistence,
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dered, but were cut down at their guns; at West Point, Georgia,
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atrophied, a favorable result cannot be expected. If the muscles are felt to
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found in the outbreak in this state that some would run sixty-four days,
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Two naturalized citizens of the United States offer
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ment is carried out over the entire Empire of Germany. All these
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became altered, and death by asphyxia was produced, accompanied by
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cascara which should be prescribed in a given case?
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correspondence of Dr. Stttblet, published in our last issue
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though it is probable that malarial influences did occur. He says his
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House Surgeon two doses (one-hundredth of a grain in each)
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impurities increase until they cause the headaches and drowsiness
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theroid organisms have been recognized in so many other diseases lately.
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The dependent or neglected child cannot receive adequate treatment
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ical change, even when exposed to light. Its purchase in bulk, in
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in addition to the quiet and stimulants, something should be given to
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The red corpuscles of sheep's blood are smaller than those of
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consideration, and that the distribution of the cells through the
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Diagnosis. — Generally very plain, occasionally very obscure.
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tipped and projecting at almost right angles to the stem. A single,
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