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Roman numerals at the margin indicate the successive generations.
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may be described as follows: Pulmonary lesions occupy one part
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name of influenza, — an Italian word, referring to the supposed malignant
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demonstrate the transmissibility of cancer. The ob-
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the head, slowing of the pulse, ocular palsy (seen either in the pupils
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turned in and seiUted on her lungs, and she never recov-
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simultaneous inflammation of the eyelids and of the
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" From Paris I went to Angiers with letters of recommendation from Guido Patin to
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than the average, and some of the process reproductions are excellent.
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trophic changes in the skin, nails, and joints are also present in
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home in certain localities in Derbyshire, England, where it is
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•Since that time German writers have generally ac-
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rism of the cheek and side of the heaa came under the care of my colleague,
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Herpes, urticaria, jaundice, 2 ’ 3 spider nevi, 4 and
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2003 Showed that 30-year old smallpox vaccine can be diluted many fold and still be effective,
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hundred and fifteen; Pollio Romulus, over one hundred, &c. Hippoc-
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terrogatories are avoided, and the condition of the patient is arrived
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THE girls' basketball season opened with a host of freshman enthusi-
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Holmes, T. — Dislocation of the spine in the dorso-lunjbar region.
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women, who exhaust themselves by over-lactation, &c., are fre-
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tions in the same geological beds may ultimately afford a solution of
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loss of the sympathetic tone in small vessels due to autonomic
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cast after it is thoroughly hardened. The labor may be greatly
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hooks by which they attach themselves to the mucous