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At present we have no means of deciding in the individual case what

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Dean. Journ. of Path. Lond. 1892, Bd. i. p. 26. — 54. Dueet. Arch, de Physiol.

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Wet nnrses who menstruate during lactation are apt, during the days pre-

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ing police force of that city, as well as of the new re-

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to some material infection, probably bacteric. The bacteria need not

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to him to be the true theory and methods of rational medicine,

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age for many likely pathogens from a variety of sites.

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of those which produce disease, either in ourselves or in our domes-

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results from atrophy of a paralyzed leg, he will prevent

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to the Lower Sioux Agency, about twelve miles away in Redwood County. It

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(d) Post mortem examinations should be made only by a

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result was very good, and there is no recurrence after two years.

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John- L. Yates. Ph.B., M.D. "An Experimental Study of the Local

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and ended in a severe folliculitis : this was complicated by broncho-

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the greater part of the material of which their text-books are com-

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ferring to Reverdin's query, " Is the growth of skin due to the effect of contact

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the mesentery is also injected; the omentum often is quite black. You

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and IjTuphatic flow. To this were added, at the second and sub-

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offer considerable resistance to the reduction of the

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the operation of taking them through the abdominal wall.

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I should be pleased to hear, through the medium of your val-

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arin can potentiate in plasma the anticoagulant effect of

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of lymph. "Well, it is neither flesh nor fat. It is the fluid or aqueous

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Philadelphia Medical Journal, abscesses in cattle known in South

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national interest, and that is, to spare no expense until the original