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Some of the Cheyletinae {Cheyletus, etc.) are free-living, predatory

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the rectitude of giving the following history of a stone operation

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Transient cardiac abnormalities have occurred in associa-

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age, there is no material difference between " pighood and

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the contributions to this branch of literature in Eng-

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forms of inflammation within the chest. I by no means contend

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phospholipid as cofactors, can then catalyze proteolytic

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I have long since given up metallic drainage-tubes, and use only

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from river - banks, watercourses, or low - lying wet land,

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poses an abscess cavity at its base, but it is claimed

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between the fascia and the bones of the foot which is occupied by

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minute it is again diluted with N/10 HC1 and a final reading made.

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clear, but, at any rate, it had come from within the mouth. — Dr. J. R.

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are more to be feared; and infection is a more certain eventuality

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covered with exudation, or the soft palate beginning to slough.

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At the termination of an exhaustive paper en oerebro-spinal fever. Dr. Smith,

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sipelas in a previously \'igorous patient, has frequently led

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difficulty is to apply cocaine and vaseline (1 to 20) to the end of

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two figures, the chances against success on a first trial

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ago I saw once again on the shelves of the Institution

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morphia in all cases of ileus. This treatment keeps the patient

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excreted with the feces, to which they give the characteristic odor.

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over 7,000 feet high. It may be fifty miles away; sources

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It is not pretended, however, that rhubarb will cure every bad or

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2. SPURIOUS MELANOSIS. There are three kinds of this