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standing the best intentions, " The Treasury Department "

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loss of the sympathetic tone in small vessels due to autonomic

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and baffled by the obstinacy of the disease. Injections, of whatever

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and dumb child ; thirty-eight of them had two deaf mutes ; in seventeen there

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The dendrites of the neurones of the gray substance, as in the

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to the warm sun baths, I used cold compresses on the abdo-

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useless to go into the treatment of chronic poisoning* by tobacco ; there is

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symptoms. Even the first signs of the disease are of such an

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clothing and care, is extremely low for this class of

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discussed under " Chest Pain." Trichinosis is an uncommon disease in Great

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Symptomatology. — General clMracters. — Although the name " cerebral

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Complete response rates of 66% for stages III and IV

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at certain levels, varying with the age, have no power of response

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symptoms until the approach of death. I have seen a patient

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way a permanent record obtained of some of its changes. It was

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At a meeting of the Clinical Society on January lOth, Mr. Callender brought

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result in the vessel which is blocked. If the plug be of a septic or irritating

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the significance of which must be determined for the individual case.

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glands. It could not be determined where the primary infection

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life which form at once the foundation and the crucial

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He was a graduate of Trinity College, Toronto, and was 43 years of age.

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