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hours, we become tired in body and fettered in mind. No effective
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of the two rul)ber stamps which I enclose, '^ and put on file
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allied to the first in its chemical properties, but entirely free from poisonous
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[Mapatvw = to grow lean] generally increases steadily. All that can
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thesia as low as is possible with comfort to the patient.
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small proportion of cases, general contagion may in
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erythema. In hsemorrhagic cases there is slight rise of temperature ;
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tobacco-pipe with small coal, and stop the top c/ose with
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trists, criminologists, and students of human behavior. The one
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of this variety of the disease while a student, treated by my pre-
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believes that irritation of the trigeminus is the cause of the disease,
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bundes, will cut short the suppurative stages more than one-
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fourth animal was down and apparently unable to rise. It was
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•58922 Cooke, M. C. Illustrations of British fungi. (Hymeno-
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sary, by cold water enemata. Indigestion must be removed,
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The main object of the author has been to indicate and corroborate
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growth, but the point which specially concerns us is that all the bile ducts,
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The number of horses to be provided for may be in tens
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treated in wards with which the author was officially connected, as senior
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In view of these facts, we cannot but regard Thomson as the precip-
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is almost so. Dr. Edwin Eosenthal, in an article read at the last
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previous to the incorporation of the College in 1789,
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Eight cases of enteric fever were admitted to hospital during
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the joint. The injection of ether or formalin-glycerin is
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treatment with mercury had long been practiced already, and that, therefore,
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as they are stated to have been lost, no judgment of course