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authorities, whose experience on inflamed joints is far
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in 1885. The following two years he was interne at the Massa-
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in my hospital service in a patient whom I showed as
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1795. Dr. Thaddeua Bette, on the Different Species of Colic.
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found in the liver, lungs, and kidneys. (3) Stratiform melanosis
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Except during the summer sessions, they cannot attend the out-
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"The small fruits did exceedingly well in the Wheat-
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mains a certain class of cases to be accounted for upon
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factor were negative. Three sets of blood specimens for
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and to Dr. N. McL. Harris, bacteriologist in the path-
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Resolved, That in our opinion the late trial has re-
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thicker, the necessary conditions may prevail to get arte-
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are to-day. I am of the opinion, sirs, that reform started on these
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Sir Arthur Mitcliell, tliat the lunacy of Ferguson the poet first led
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back into its place; but if a large quantity of intestines are im-
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experiment has been short, but the immunity produced by the vac-
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195. A sergeant first class may be reenlisted at the expiration of
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"In things essential, unity; in things doubtful, liberty; in all
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prehend that you are harmless, if allowed the privilege of exam-
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Barber, Hugh R. K. Professor of Clinical Obstetrics and
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bercular disease in the lungs (bacilli, rales, etc.), and
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doubt that the operation is not complete until this is done. I have not
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tion, the current may be increased. In emergencies the current
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phorias to some degree, we felt free to let our eyes
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from indigestible matter in the food. It might be that the horse coming
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