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Dog. — Sarcoptes Squamiferous is. the principal Mange of the. dog..

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Another hypothesis refers the phenomena to a cutting off of the in-

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beneath the quadriceps extensor also in communication with the joint.

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taneously. Before this happens, however, the mastoid cells may have

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We sec, therefore, that every time the form of the body allows it,

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cramps and spasms — to be salivated by a course of

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more money for Dr. Ross for his institution. Also that he will get the

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are attended bj febrile symptoms, whidli are especially

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the finger of an assistant so as to keep it warm. The surgeon,

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set down, and then conclude this chapter of barrenness.

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on all sides down to the cove, and were soon breakfasting with a

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puberty must be given to the eexes separately. We muat have for this

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•5506 Transvaal. Geological survey. Report for 1903.

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If the projectile be impacted in bone, in some of the bones of

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moval from that village, owing to ill-health. The address,

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immediately below the umbilicus, which became affected while he

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Tillmanns [British Medical Journal, June 14, 1890) reports an extraordi-

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Of the dead we are instructed to speak well, or remain silent ;

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tions are interesting, he does not give the ordinary

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pale, colourless follicular papule with projecting spine, and a coarser,

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breech-loading rifle, known, after the name of its inventor, as the

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difference : the telegraph responds from either end ; in the case

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which has been traced to such an origin. The discharges

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operation to find the next patient anesthetized, the wound

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probably less than 5 per 100,000. These calculations

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Symptoms. — There will be an inflammation and swelling of

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expiration is clearly perceptible, and crepitant rales are heard