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decided as to render it difficult to fully rouse the patient. At other times

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lastly, in all circumstances of doubt, when intelligent inspection and

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pus first appeared on the lower surface of the putty dressing,

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of a part should remain steady and unexcited ; its temperature cool and

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?895. The Ihattuck Lecture for 1894 will be given by Dr.

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vent-holes were stopped. Doubtless the sufferings and

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practical difficulty lies in the varied activity of different pancreatic

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mass, a six months' pregnancy, over which were felt discrete, firm

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soning present. He queried could this disturbance be

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will absorb all excessive fluid; but in abnormal con-

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l)ridgt', an cai'ly I'ellow of tliis Society. Its intro-

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of cases and deaths. Persons of middle age are often attacked also,

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from fever ; there are two sisters and one brother living, who are

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best in explaining electrolysis, but even here, there are

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When the patient has lost so much blood that he is practically exsanguin-

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the problems connected with the physiology and pathology of the ductless

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since that time other lesions had appeared, and the patient had

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the cancer inoculation is made immediately after the x-ray treat-

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peratiiro 102┬░ from the time I first saw him in the early morning, at

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tubes, and their colors are compared by transmitted light. Water is added from

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authorities most carefully to avoid; and the antiquated "rule that one eye

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to the operation on the score of diagnosis is now removed by our present

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extract of carcinoma and sarcoma in cases of both these dis-

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sideration or not, remains to be seen. At all events, the whole

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occurrence throughout the pages of the present volume.

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and second, on its geological character. This is essentially

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in the preceding chapter or chapters. Tt is a pleasure to be

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