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ing severe symptoms; they are "dyspeptic" or "bilious"

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Med. Jahrb. des Orsterreitchischen Stautes, B. xxi. S. 3.

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ambition among all, and especially among those who have

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free surface of the conjunctiva has a statified pavement epithelium.

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19. Fitzgerald, P. J., Foote, F. W„ and Hill, R. F.:

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brides who take the sacred vow for better or for worse,

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tion of the lymph through these canals has an intimate

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into which the work before us is divided: the commentary appended by Dr.

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previous diarrhoea and cholerine prevailing in Trieste might be

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Ophthalmic Study of the Alterations of the Optic Nerve and of

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for the year 1865. — ^The tables here given have been selected for

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spot, an almost instantaneous change is produced, which is deeper and more in-

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tween these, and their introduction as a poison? It may be useful to re-

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such Hints on the "Practice of Physic, Surgery, and the Diseases of

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strikes the attention. The town built on the southern slope of

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looking like two or three bladders. When these were rubbed the bladder

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neuritis means ? What is the reason or mode of these somewhat

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In a six months foetus, the thymus, according to the same author, was

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tomy ; but, on the other hand, no doubt the statistics of opera-

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ties in a natural state of combination, to the exclusion of those which are deleterious

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He states that in forty-three cases of acute rheumatism, carefully examined,

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la Societe Royal de Medecine, i, 97, admonish us not to dismiss this sug-

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of which seems to depend on individual peculiarities, and may be

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not give as the skin elsewhere does, hence the extra-

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1839. The toe cork hit him beneath the eye on the right side of the face,

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sent in the latter which more or less act as they do out of the body, and their

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vegetable fiber. Sometimes these masses of mucus are

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" The excitation and cxdtivation of the sensorial cells are necessary

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in number, whose height reached 20 inches, 6 lines. After a period of twenty

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among the above-detailed fatal cases this preponderance in favour of

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!\.uofust. Price Five Dollars per annum, payable in advance.

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they may be either symptomatic of disease in the organ whence the hemorrhage

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directions^ intersecting ahundantli/y now deeper, now more superficial,