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"These patients are sick men, and not only is there an empyema

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quently, with different men. In July, 1876, she was treated in Charity

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in the oval window and thus take off its pressure upon the fluid in the

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for epilepsy, and the reports on its efficiency are a remarkable

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to pneumonia, and the patient treated as a potential pneumonia.

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patients were unanimous as to the painlessness of the applications and the

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and toward the perineum the mode of extension of the new growth is

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the drum cavity. In the first instance the opening in the mastoid is made a

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becomes a pelvic hsematocele which is usually absorbed. In the latter, there

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Simple inflammation usually causes suppuration within a month

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down and expressed through the intestinal opening which was then

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York decides to do in this matter of Compulsory Health Insurance,

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intestinal contents or delay the inevitable consequences following the

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bacilli are, on the other hand, very numerous in the caseous masses of human

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even suffering from diabetic coma, whose urine does not give the chloride of

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made, but it is utterly unfair because many of our communities are

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purpose, (unless clinical conditions forbid) the patient should be

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3. The same streptococcus was constantly present in the expectoration of

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all motions of joint are restricted; there is infiltration over upper part of

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I was talking to a dentist about the element of sloughing after the use of

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I recall to mind a case of urethral stricture of twenty years' duration.

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findings were identical with those of the previously examined speci-

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that it is not so much the fact that the intestines contract adhesions to ad-