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or pits, each of which represents the site of one of the multilocular cells
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muscle, in a certain proportion of cases, is very obviously impaired. The
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Philadelphia Hospital, <tc. In one large and very handsome octavo volume of over 700
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The above description corresponds closely to that of Penzo
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the lesion (Les.) passed through the locus coeruleus {Loc.C),
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from three to eight lines in diameter, not elevated and not disappearing
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the discharge and prevents mortification, which in some con-
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In a 37-mm. specimen of Cottus aspera, and in a 40-mm. speci-
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after death. Insolation, or sunstroke, will be hereafter considered as an
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and the quantity, as soon as practicable ; and the catheter should be re-
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mandibular arch suppUed by the nervus profundus. In any
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Carpenter, F. W., and Conel, J. L. 1914 A study of ganglion cells in the sym-
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influences communicated by means of the sympathetic system. These ph}--
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the cliorda tympani: its characters, too, are altogether different
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have been produced by ulceration or other organic disease,
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that the medullary or nervous layer of the retina is not pro-
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Our calculation of the time after feeding was started from the
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tion similar to that of the nucleolus, although I am not- sure
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be remedied as far as practicable. Anaemia and dyspeptic ailments often
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