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had been discharged. After she left the hospital this

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Changes of the cell in form and size may be recognised e.g. swelling

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of the mucous membrane of the renal pel .Iculi. by parasites

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globules and microscopic rod like bodies bacillus anthracis

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to the patient and a relic of medical barbarism of the last

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IT is not intended that the separate classification of the milder forms

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her consciousness laboured under hemiplegia of the left side and paralysis

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Hilprecht s Sleep Vision. Quite as surprising a dream was that of Prof.

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in every way and its richest fruits are yet to be gathered though

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gently inflate the ears while one is waiting for the in

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plaining of a yellow offensive discharge which had latterly

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siderable period of time radium was then tried and moreover the

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or its remarkable intractability and extensive fatality.

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finally in the case of certain powerful and non irritating

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appearance of phosphatidylglycerol in amniotic fluid is a very late

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Ledderhose can lead to obstruction to on flow and subsequently

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and the case is doing well. In this instance there was painless

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nized upon nice palpation and percussion. Perforation may occur with

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nevertheless daily see numbers of first rate draught horses

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of medical science and as one of the foremost sanitarians in

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symptoms frequently characterizes a false or pseudo pel

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is being organized to spread this service of reconstruction into every

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Causes. Hereditary proclivity exists in many cases. Wilful or

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is a very succulent plant yielding almost its whole weight of

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emigrant family which had settled in Hesse was a high official in the

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of its interior. It is published in the Transactions of the

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times a day all they will eat. How ever well she may

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of all soldiers that the large number of cases of syphilis that remain

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number of cases of ulcers of the lungs arising from certain

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possible even after spontaneous opening into the urethra

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is intolerable to any honorable man s sense of decency to see

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was compelled to work at night in a mill although as

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several well marked cases of Wasting Palsy also motor paralysis of

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Syphilitic orchitis sarcocele or albuginitis may be a

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of July for this his head was shaved and cups leeches and

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ton on April th tlie Massachusetts Homeopathic Hos

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