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special rating is peculiarly applicable to this class of cases. Even endow-

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miiy I.e very marked iiuhed. Similar mechanical ctTccts are produced

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Etiology. — Paranephritis may be either primary or secondary, the former

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i> ciisily (iciiiuiistriitcd in iiiiiiiy iiMli\iiliiiils liy jiiiplyiii'j |)i('ssiir(' in tl^

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uria. His rather indefinite explanation of this symptom makes it depend

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tives were successively given in considerable doses

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he sometimes earnestly requested it to be repeated.

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,.';•'■ '"t'"'l'i'-iii^' vari.Mis f Is it was foun.l that th.-re is .-onsiderahle

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iii/i'd; (1 1 I'cvci^iliility : I'i i uriiiliuil <|rsliurti(ili (if tlic cii/viiu'; C!) coiii-

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Miitilatcd in oriler to comix'nsate foi- the hiv'h ('<V. tension in the hlood

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the patient, especially constant pain in the flank or slight fever, is very help-

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diirintr niuseiilar e\..reise an<l those produced hy exi>erimental increase

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iore\ample, increases in tmic diirini.' expiration, so as to lirinir alioiit a

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matism, or inflammation should be treated as part of the chief condition.

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called "thyrogen" by Blum. Oswald showed that colloid contains a

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of red corpuscles per cmm. is more than 1 to 30,000, there is true albumi-

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The usual results of prostatic obstruction are at first frequency of urina-

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indicating a serious affection of the general health,

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some peculiarities in the habits and occupations of

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is supplied by cereals of various kinds, bread, vegetables, especially the young

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appli,',l. th,' v.'rti.'al ]i,.siti..ii will not hav,' tli.' sain.- coii.s.'.|ii..n.-.'s. This

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continuance of the previously operating baneful influences, and to this end

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* Seltene Beob. z. Anal, Phys, u. Path., Breslau. 1816, Heft 1.

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with till' li.'iiioL'hiliin of till' liliMiil isi'i' |,,i;:i' 4ll| i to ilisiihni' ;iii iiju^ii

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"' 'I'" I"-.- i.snl r.„ .IkTMi...,' th.. ,„■..(..,„. ,.,„| p„,,|v .,„ iIh- ,.r,.s.,„

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that he has to buy larger and larger hats (in Wherry's case the circum-

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urine the kidmy therefore takes it from a solution in which it is foiii

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pheres"), a man ean lie immediately deeompressed to 4."! pounds ( .'

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pull 111' till' a'lsiirptiiHi hvpiithi'sis is also tin- t'art that tin- same mathr

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touched the left side of his face, he could hear it ;

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snccus cnlciicns acts liy convcrlini.' the /Nnniycn ( ti\ psimiizcn ) into tin

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must be cast upon the II ion hypothesis. The most delicate means for

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elements comanonly found in mixed tumor. In the round-cell sarcoma

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deposit of ossific matter, sometimes in considerable

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swelling, and severe constitutional disturbances, while disease of the ureter

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.'oliiiiiii .li;;i'sl.'.l in .Mitt's liil.rs, «itli iliits of tli'sli. I.ii'a.l. an. I milk . Ill